The Top 6 Most Outrageous Soccer Bets Ever Placed

Nowadays, soccer is the most popular sport of our time; no one will doubt about that. There is no surprise that bookmakers pay special attention to this sport – a lot of people watch soccer matches and support their favorite teams. Sport bets on soccer are traditionally larger than the those made on other sports. According to bookmaker’s statistics, soccer betting accounts for almost 2/3 of the total number of bets being made.

Every second soccer fan has ever made a bet on a soccer match and the team he is supporting. Sports betting is a kind of being a part of the sport history and living the moments together with your team. Sports betting is an excellent thing for lovers of sharp emotions. In addition, in case of a successful online bet, you can get major winnings. Sometimes the amount of money is so large that it significantly affects the turnover of a particular bookmaker company or a budget of a player. Of course, it is not always the case, and the size of the win depends directly on the probability of the event and the number of bets being placed.

The Top 6 Most Outrageous Soccer Bets Ever Placed


The Most Incredible Soccer Bets Ever Made

Emotions experienced by fans during a soccer match can be compared with the sensations when riding a roller coaster. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that this kind of sport is so popular among professional players who make money on sports betting. If you doubt whether to participate in sports betting, there should be nothing to hinder you from this activity. The most outrageous bets have been already made, so you will not look awkward whatever bet you will place. So what are the most scandalous bets ever made on the results of soccer matches?

  • The bet of $417,000 on the match of the World Championships;
  • The bet of $2.5 pounds has brought $272,000 to the winner;
  • Lose of $4,400 for a bet on the African Nations Cup;
  • A long-range strike from Xabi Alonso at a stake of $25,000;
  • The tragedy of Moyes has brought of a prize of one million to the pensioner;
  • A bet on the two competing teams has brought a jackpot.

In every major win in sports betting, there is not only a part of chance and fortune but also an element of strategy, planning, and calculation. You should never treat sports betting an activity of excitement and luck; it is more of the ability to analyze contribute to the win. Despite all the cases of large wins, sports betting remains a very risky business, which should be treated of a prize of one million. Just like making you a millionaire, sports betting can lead to a number of unpleasant consequences. If you decide to place a bet, accurately calculate the amount that you can lose, determine the risks, and analyze the sporting event.

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